How do I change my password?

You can change your password at any time by visiting the Security section. Enter your current password in the appropriate box and the new password in both the new password and confirm password boxes. Click Update to submit your password change.






How do I change my email address?

Both your Railto account email and your PayPal email are shown under My Settings. They do not need to be the same and can be changed at any time. Click Save Account Settings after modifying your email address(es) to save the changes.






How do I upgrade to a higher tier?

Login to your account and click upgrade under profile information. Select which tier you'd like to upgrade to and provide the requested information. Except for Tier 4, the upgrade is effective immediately. Tier upgrades can be done at any time.






How do I view my trading history?

Your account history is available under My Orders. This can be refined by the type of cryptocurrency as well as by date. Your order history can be exported to a CSV file by clicking Export Complete Order History.






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