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Our peer-to-peer exchange allows you to buy, or sell, cryptocurrency with PayPal in seconds. Want cryptocurrency now? Get it now. Need some help along the way? We are here for you. That's keeping it simple.


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We exchange Bitcoin, Dash, and Ethereum. Choose which cryptocurrency, and how much of it, you would like.


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Pay for your cryptocurrency, and it will be in your site wallet a few moments later.

Looking for a Little Support?

It can be confusing when you are first starting out, that’s okay, we’re here to help. Have a question, ask a question.

It’s The Little Things That Set Us Apart


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Utilizing PayPal allows for a quick and easy exchange process while protecting your financial information.
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We work with some of the most recognizable of cryptocurrencies on the market today; Bitcoin, Dash, and Ethereum. These cryptocurrencies are widely accepted and offer more choices for more opportunities.
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Free Wallet

Create a free wallet to securely store your cryptocurrency. Transfer it at any time to your own wallet or keep it here. The choice is yours.
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Two-Factor Authentication

Also known as second-factor authentication or 2FA. Once enabled, account access requires a code or physical device in addition to your password. This extra level of security protects against unauthorized access. We support Security Keys and TOTP.
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Secure Escrow

Reducing the risk of fraud with a trusted third-party collecting and holding the cryptocurrency until payment is confirmed. We promote security and satisfaction.
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We’re here with dedicated online support to help you navigate the sometimes confusing world of cryptocurrency. Answering questions and troubleshooting your problems quickly and simply.